When I first arrived in Ohrid I had just learned that the country "Macedonia" and Lake Ohrid exist..... By now, Ohrid feels like a second home! From 2001 to 2006 I had been there regularly for work, enjoying the pristine nature of Lake Ohrid and its surroundings. However, even more important are the many good friends I met on my numerous stays!....and it is this friendship, together with the stupendous beauty of the place, which will definitely lead me back to Ohrid on many occasions in the future....
Poppy flowers towards Prespa
Sampling on Lake Prespa
Dalmatian pelicans
Boats on Lake Prespa
Lake Prespa
in Albania






View over Lake Prespa
Oak forests
Insect orchis
Hiking on Galicica





Galicica in autumn
Behind Ohrid
Ohrid market
Fishermen on the channel







Sveti Naum spring lake
Ohrid trout catch, 2001
Work on the lake
...and more








Night falls over Ohrid
Ohrid old town from the lake
Sveti Jovan Kaneo
..and again from the lake
Sveti Naum spring area
Eastern shore of Lake Ohrid
Mirror image
Mooring on Lake Ohrid
Sunset over Lake Ohrid
Lake Ohrid from Galicica






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